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Patentability Searches

A thorough search is critical to steering the application to those inventive features most likely to be considered patentable by the examiner, and to ensuring that the necessary support is included in the application. We work with an independent searcher who is an MIT trained physicist.

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Decades of Patent search Experience

When a patent application is submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, an examiner will complete a comprehensive and thorough search to determine if an invention is already known. As such, conducting a patentability search before filing a patent application is a critical first step in the application process, as preparing a patent application can be a costly endeavor and a search provides some indication of whether the money will be well spent.  

Alternatively, investors often want to see a completed patent search before making an investment in a new idea. At Stiennon & Stiennon, we offer quality legal services, including patent searches, designed to decrease risk and increase the chances of attracting potential investors.

Top Reasons to Choose Our Top-Rated Wisconsin Patent Search Attorneys


Transparent Billing

We want you to understand your legal costs from the outset. As such, we will provide an estimate before we commence representation. We also offer task-based invoicing, so our clients can accurately budget and allocate their IP spend.


Our Experience

Regardless of whether you are an individual, a business owner, or in-house counsel, you can leverage and significantly benefit from the over three decades of intellectual property experience that each of our meticulous patent search lawyers brings to the table. We have seen a lot, which allows us to take a proactive approach in preventing and mitigating future liability, as well as avoiding common IP pitfalls.


Consistent Communication

At Stiennon & Stiennon, we limit the number of clients we represent, as we firmly believe that every case is critical and deserves personalized attention. This allows us to communicate clearly and regularly with you, so you are always apprised of the status of your case.


Flexible Meeting Options

Through the use of in-person meetings, phone calls, video conferences, and other methods, we will work with you to meet in a way that is convenient for you.

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Dirigible Door - Wisconsin Patent Attorneys Stiennon & Stiennon

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