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Our firm exclusively practices intellectual property law. We stand ready to help owners, managers, and in-house counsel with the challenges of protecting inventions, and securing the benefits of proprietary products.

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Let our team become a part of yours.

At Stiennon & Stiennon, we have decades of experience serving business clients with outside intellectual property services, where we offer the commitment of a full-time intellectual property team without the full-time, financial obligations. 

Top Reasons to Consider a Fractional Outside Patent attorney


Save Money

Stiennon & Stiennon has access to a myriad of resources that go well beyond the rates we charge. The costs for specialized software, professional development, insurance, benefits, and connections with other specialists can be prohibitively expensive, especially for smaller businesses. When you hire our firm, you can reap the benefits of our resources and experience without having to shoulder the costs for hiring and maintaining a full-time in-house patent attorney.


Leverage Our Experience

Regardless of whether you have an intellectual property attorney on staff or intend on relying entirely on fractional outside patent counsel, your business can leverage and significantly benefit from the over three decades of intellectual property experience that each of our patent lawyers bring to the table. Our experience allows us to take a proactive approach in preventing and mitigating future liability, as well as avoiding common IP pitfalls.


Gain Diverse Perspective

In-house counsel only sees the work of a particular company, while outside IP counsel is exposed to work from a variety of clients. This perspective can be immensely beneficial when working with patent examiners and defining intellectual property portfolio strategy.


Be More Efficient

Working with our experienced patent attorneys means not putting things on hold when an in-house attorney is unavailable due to illness, vacation, or other work matters. Our team can cover the work and continue moving your progress forward in valuable intellectual property matters.

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Dirigible Door - Wisconsin Patent Attorneys Stiennon & Stiennon

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