Patent Attorney Folk Songs

David Stiennon explains how he came to be singing about his profession

In 2002, I visited an historic railway site in Australia, where traditional Australian folk songs were played on the public address system, songs like “Click Go the Shears,” which provided technical details of the arcane craft of shearing.

  • Click goes his shears; click, click, click.
  • Wide are the blows, and his hand is moving quick,
  • The ringer looks round, for he lost it by a blow,
  • And he curses that old shearer with the bare belled ewe.

What is that all about? Who knows, but it still works as a song. I thought, there should be songs like that about patent attorneys!

This video extols the Patent and Trademark Office’s form SB08a which is used to list prior art. Mr. Stiennon notes that the song itself, being from 2002, has started to take on a bit of the archaic flavor of a true folk song, as Patent and Trademark Office regulations have changed somewhat in the last 20 years.

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